Working with Clear Acetate

Finding acetate in color is a nightmare!  Various websites label cellophane as acetate, but don’t go there. 

Acetate is a great product card makers use for pop up cards.  It’s firm, will not tear, and will withstand the abuse of the constant opening and closing of a card as the recipient marvels over their prize.  However, clear is boring!  Especially for celebration type cards which are a typical genre for pop up cards.  Invitations as well.    

I tried various mediums to put some life into a clear acetate sheet.  Acrylic paint works well, but gives a sticky, scratchy feel if not sealed with a protecting sealant.  Too much work!    I tried markers, but as you well know, they wipe off whether it was marked over an hour ago or yesterday. 

My stash of alcohol markers was staring at me throughout the hours of painting, wiping, and some choice language using the aforementioned techniques.  I drew stripes, dots, colored, and was absolutely thrilled at the outcome.    To give the colors used more of a pop, I colored both sides of the acetate in the exact areas as the front with the same colors. 

I do recommend die cutting your image before coloring so that you can “paint” your creative décor accurately. 

I used the spiral die cut that was used in the June 2023 card club classes soon to be available to the public.  The acetate sheets are available here as well and work beautifully with what I was out to accomplish. 

This card came out absolutely adorable!


Look for our Gallery page that will be coming soon on this website so that you can see beautiful creations using products sold by Pelletier Craft Studio.

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