How to use a Stencil

I am willing to bet that you are ready to learn more about using silk screen stencils. They are the easiest way to enjoy home decor. You can use chalk on so many different products, erase it, and do it again with something different. Glass is just one surface that chalk can be used on with the erase, repeat technique.

How to use a Stencil

  1. Keeping it simple. Why have extra stencil in the way? My first step is to make my stencil user friendly.
  2. I also recommend marking the back of the stencil. You can cut the corner off, or mark the back with a word, for example “Back”. This will help you put the clear backing on correctly.
  3. Remove the clear backing, but do not toss it. You will need it to put back on the stencil.
  4. Place the stencil on your surface. In this video, I am using glass. Be sure the stencil is flat with no bubbles or overlays.
  5. Using your squeegee, apply chalk paste to the top or bottom of the area you are going to be applying paste.
  6. Without a lot of pressure, pull the chalk paste down over top of your stencil. Make sure that you cover all the clear space. You should be able to see what you are covering through the paste. If the paste is too heavy, it will leave rough or jagged edges.
  7. Once you have removed the excess paste, lift the stencil. If the paste dries with the stencil down it will pull up when you remove the stencil. Dried paste will leave holes in your image.
  8. You do not need to press the part of the stencil you have completed. Just keep moving to complete your project.

Want to do it again on chalkboard?

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