The Perfect Christmas Gift

Picking out the perfect Christmas gift is not easy. Add to the task to keep gift purchases inside your budget.

I have a few suggestions that you are going to love, but first let’s talk about what the perfect Christmas gift would be.

  • A gift they will keep forever.
  • One that creates a smile every time they see it.
  • Gifts they will tell everyone you gave to them.
  • One that adds love and joy to their surrounding.
  • A gift that will not break your bank.
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Even Santa will love these solutions.

The Perfect Christmas Gift Solution

I have struggled with gift giving for years. I tried buying early, in bulk, discount stores, and even handmade. I never seem to be able to get it right. It was not just Christmas gifts. I struggled with all sorts of occasions.

If we have learned anything in the last few years is that people change and so do the times. That perfect shirt doesn’t fit any more, they moved and changed the style of their home, the handmade gift…. WOW! I could have bought 4 for the price of the supplies and the time it took me to make it! Here are a few suggestions for the perfect gift for almost everyone on your list.

1- Why are you giving a gift?

Each Christmas, I spend hours upon hours looking for the perfect gift for each person on my list. 

After Wiley and I got married, the pressure to find the best gift grew to a whole new level. Our first Christmas as a married couple, I spent an incredible amount of money (that we couldn’t necessarily afford) on gifts to impress his family. I wanted them to like me and think we had it all together. But months of paying off those gifts taught me a lesson in remembering what gift giving at Christmas should really be about. 
While the Christmas season is often marked by joy, family time, and generosity, if we aren’t careful it can also be a time of jealousy, resentment, and competition. I stressed myself out mentally, physically, and financially trying to impress people. I wasn’t searching for gifts to make others happy. I was gift-giving to bolster my personal appearance and be accepted by my new family.   

Psychologists have long been fascinated by the subject of gifting, because it’s a window into so many other important human traits: how we see others, how we assign value to things, our decision-making skills and our ability empathize.

“Humans are an incredibly social species and one of the things that sets us apart is forming and maintaining relationships with others. Gift giving around holidays, birthdays, graduations or weddings is a great opportunity to reinforce those relationships,” said Daniel Farrelly, a psychologist at the University of Worcester.

If all else fails, remember there’s a reason why we say that it’s the thought that counts. Don’t forget why you are giving gifts…Most people don’t want lots of money spent (on) them — they simply want you to think about them and that can be done in lots of easy ways.

2- It is better to give than receive.

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”
 —Kahlil Gibran

We hear it all the time especially this time of year. But sometimes I wonder if we really believe it.

We say the phrase as if the generalization is a forgone conclusion. We print it on bumper stickers and billboards. We teach it to our children. We mutter it under our breath when circumstances do not go as expected. However, the truth is, a well thought out gift can heal, lift a mood, or improve a relationship. The best gift is giving of yourself.

3- How do you give the Perfect Christmas Gift?

The perfect gift, no matter the reason, is one that does not break the bank. Research has actually shown that spending more does not always guarantee a well-received gift. One study found that the more expensive a gift, the more givers expected recipients to appreciate it. But while givers thought spending more conveyed more thoughtfulness, receivers do not associate the price with their level of appreciation. So how do you find and give the perfect gift?

Start with what you have in common. What are the things you share? Think about the good times, play on those memories. Recreate them with an experience instead of material gifts. Consider an inside joke on a sign or in a picture frame. Create a grouping of pictures to be shared just between the two of you. These kind of gifts do not need to cost a lot, and it will bring a ton of smiles and happy days.

Keep it simple. Ask them what they want. It only makes good sense that if they want something special, asking will make it easier for both of you. Some people think it is wrong to ask, but they will appreciate that you care enough to ask. Everyone loves giving and receiving the perfect gift.

Lastly, not many gifts are really really bad. Research shows if you ask someone what was the worse gift they have ever received, the answer starts with a chuckle, smile or laughter. So was it really that bad?

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