Registering Layers

Layering is easy when using silk screen stencils. You will be able to see the first color you applied through the stencils. All you need to do is line up the stencil. Here are a few tips to make additional registering layers.

  • On a light surface, apply the darkest layer first. It will be easier to see when you are ready to line up the next layers. However, if you are using a dark surface, you will want to apply the lightest layer first. The goal is to be able to see the first layer when you are laying the stencil down to apply the second layer.
  • When the surface is larger than the stencil; mark where you are laying down the stencil. Be sure to mark the surface with a pencil in 2 places. You can erase it when you are finished with you project.
  • Sometimes you will want to layer chalk on chalk. I like to line these up before applying them to the surface. Hold both stencils up to the light or on a light box and mark the stencil by cutting notch out. I recommend making 2 marks, one vertical and one horizontal Then you simply place a pencil mark on your surface where the notches are located.

What how I link up these two colors:

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