Shammy in a Tub


Shammy-in-a- tub is a reusable cleaning cloth that can be used to clean stamps and other stamping tools. They are made from chamois leather,
which is a soft, porous leather that can absorb up to 30 times its
weight in water. The cloth is gentle and durable on surfaces.
Our Shammy-in-a-tub is 4″ x 6″ and comes in its own flip top tub. No
special cleaning solution is needed.  Just add water to thoroughly hydrate
the cloth then wipe your stamps for a perfect clean. To clean your
Shammy-in-a-tub simply soak in water with no cleaning solution. Most of
the ink will soak out.
By keeping the lid closed with not in use your shammy- in-a-tub will
stay moist and ready to use for days.

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Shammy in a Tub, towel to clean stamps, clean silicone mats



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Shammy in a Tub