Precision Glue Press


Everyone is talking about the Precision Gun Press.  This is a must have product for any crafter.


Precision Glue Press  package includes six items. The ergonomic Glue Press pressure tool with a stand, a 2 ounce bottle of Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive, an empty bottle for your favorite glue, one regular precision tip applicator, and one fine tip precision applicator. This tool is perfect for anyone who has trouble squeezing glue bottles with their hands. You are able to use whatever glue is your favorite, put it into the press, and you will control the flow of glue. When you are finished, simply place the press in the stand. There is a silicone pillow for the nozzle to rest on and your glue will never need to be recapped, will never clog again, and is always ready to use. The two different nozzles give you options for the amount of glue you want to release and there is no pin needed in the nozzles. Some might refer to this as a glue gun, however the glue bottle and the press are separate.


Did you know that our first order came in and because of pre-orders we only had 4 for the store. It sold out in 8 minutes. Order Now Limited Supply

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Precision Glue Press by My Sweet Petunia, Now in Stock,


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Precision Glue Press

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