5 piece wax seal mold


Use these molds to make your own shape with your stamp, a great enhancement to your card!

  • You can make a perfect round or flower shaped wax seal with 1 inch wax stamp with our 2pcs metal wax seal molds kit. Only 4-5 pieces of wax are needed, which can help you save more wax and make more beautiful wax seals.
  • Four steps to get the perfect wax seal. 1. Pour in 2. Stamps 3. Wait for cooling 4. Demolding. Please note that you do not need to press the mold handle to pour directly.
  • 1 square wax sealing mold, 1 hexagonal mold, 1 round mold, 2 flower molds of wax sealing mold, and 1 waxing pad, which is enough to meet your diverse needs, you can choose different shapes according to your needs.

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Wax seal mold 5 pieces


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5 piece wax seal mold

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