Time to get organized-Declutter

The end of the year is the perfect time to declutter and organize your craft room! Let’s face it, our creative havens can easily become a chaotic mess of papers, ribbons, and just stuff. We’re here to inspire you to tidy up and stack up on some amazing ways to transform your craft room into a well-organized …

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Creating Mats for scrapbook photos

Elevate Your Scrapbook Pages with Creative Matting TechniquesMatting pictures adds a touch of elegance and professionalism to your scrapbook pages drawing attention to your cherished photos and memorabilia. But why settle for plain rectangles when you can unleash your creativity with a variety of die-cutting techniques? Let’s explore some fun and unique ways to elevate …

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Elevate Your Card-Making with Hot Foil: Crafting a Simple Yet Shimmering Card!

Crafting isn’t just about creating, it’s about making something extraordinary. Enter card making with hot foil – the secret weapon to infuse your card-making endeavors with dazzling shine and elegance using foil that is heat transferred. In this post we’re diving into the realm of hot foil crafting unlocking the potential to take your cards …

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Don’t Throw Away Your Junk Mail!

Don't throw away your junk mail! Here is why?

How is it that we continue to get junk mail? For some, it’s fun to rip it up, get your frustrations out, and throw it all in the recycle bin.  Don’t throw your junk mail out! Here’s why… Oftentimes, when we are testing the color ink that we may want to use, or we cut …

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