Never “Weed Vinyl” Again

How sweet these words are: “Never ‘weed vinyl’ again.”

Weeding vinyl is when you remove the excess material from the pieces that have been cut out of paper or vinyl. All of these pieces need to be removed, otherwise, you will not be able to read the words on your project. The problem is that when you weed letters, they tend to disappear and show up in random places like on the dog or your hair. No fun!

Have you every noticed how videos on weeding take from 8 to 15 minutes? Now for the not so fun part. After you have finished weeding, you will need to place all those letters on the project. You need to be sure the letters are kept in a straight line. Be sure each line is straight and centered.

White wash frame, framed chalkboard,

My 14 year old granddaughter, Alyse, make this from start to finish in under 20 minutes. Oh did I say it was her first one.

This sounds like way too much work! Ask me how I know? I made 40 of these signs for a retreat. Never again will I do all this cutting, weeding, pasting, and lining up on a project!

Now I understand why you have not been creating projects for your home. You do know that there is an easier way? Right?

Never “Weed Vinyl” again

Allow me to help you with an easier way to make new projects for your home in under 5 minutes. Here at Pelletier Craft Studio, we create stencils and chalk paste for you to simplify great projects for your home. Here are all the instructions:

  1. Prepare the surface.
  2. Remove the clear sheet from the back of your stencil.
  3. Position your stencil on the surface.
  4. Apply chalk paste.
  5. Remove stencil and place it in water.
  6. DONE!

It takes about 2 to 3 minutes when adding clean up time. No heavy machines to put away. Simply wash your stencil and replace the clear backing. Let it dry and put it away.

Here is a sample video of me creating with Crafts You Make Yourself stencil and paste.

Let’s see that was 1 minute 16 seconds. I see a great gift for Grandma that can be done even by the children.

Let’s compare cost:

Cricut vs Using Silk Screen Stencils

Cricut / Silhouette/ or similar machines Silk Screen Stencils
Machine $200 to $300.Pelletier Craft Studio stencils start at $7.50 to $45.00.
Vinyl from Amazon $7.00 and up per color.Vinyl. N/A. Chalk Paste 10 ml (.4 oz) less than $2.00 per color (does 2-3 projects).
Access to font and imagine membership $10.00 month.1 Silk Screen Stencil and 2 colors of your choice every month $18.00.
Transfer paper from Amazon $13.00 and up.Transfer Paper N/A.
How many times the stencil/vinyl can be used? Once.How many times the silk screen stencil can be used? 4-5 times.
Additional Supplies: Weeding tools, spatula, cutting mats, blades, ruler, etc…Additional Supplies: Warm up Kit $20.00 (has everything you need to complete any project)
Storage space needed: Machine, vinyl several colors.Everything can be kept in a 12″ x 12″ x 3″ box. Includes all chalk paste, silk screen stencils, and the warm up kit.

You do the math, then come check an easier way!

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