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Make money selling your crafts is very possible. Craft fairs, craft festivals and of course your own craft site can be profitable if you do it the right way. As a fellow crafter, I love helping others to be successful. One reason why Pelletier Craft Studio came into being. Here are a few things you should consider.

  • The first issue is always getting materials at a rate you can afford to sell your finished products reasonably. Like using our stencils for your projects. Each stencil can be used several times, so one $14.50 stencil can be used 4-5 times making it only cost you about $3 to 4 dollars per project. Shop Stencils Also our chalk goes along way. One $4.75 chalk color can do several projects as well. Contact me if you would like to have larger size chalk jars, not posted on my site at this time. Shop Chalk Paste
  • Make projects that will sell to the group you are in. For example, when selling at a church craft festival, be sure to have several items that are religious, inspirational, or uplifting. At a beach festival, have items that reflect beach life. This may seem like a given, but so often we forget who our audience is.
  • Next, set yourself up with a way to take credit cards. Cash is almost a thing of the past. In today’s market, people do not walk around with a lot of cash in their pocket. Take into account that credit card companies do charge fees. Consider this when you are pricing your products. Some people, including gas stations, offer discounts for paying cash. This article has some good information
  • Display your projects with a clean and easy on the eyes booth, not too cluttered or too full. You can keep extras under your table. Displaying one of a product will create urgency. “Oh wow, she only has one of this item” might create impulse buying.
  • Never block the entrance way to your booth. A “U” shaped booth is more inviting than a boxed in look. If the display area is large enough, aisles are very inviting. This is a great article for do and don’t
  • Pricing: shop around. Handmade products have more value than those sold in a big box store. However, keep in mind that you want to be reasonable in your pricing. If the big box store sells that cute sign at $20, you will be safe at $25. Don’t be afraid to tell your customers the inspiration around the product. “I made this sign after my husband did this…” Or “this saying is perfect for the a school teacher….”

The holidays are a perfect time to start researching and creating for next year’s crafting sales so you will not be rushed creating a ton of a product. More importantly, you can spread out the cost of making some really great projects to sell. Think about starting with a kit or two. Then bloom and grow.

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Here are a few of the stencils that work for almost any craft fair:

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