Learn how to add color to your flower pots

I just love beautiful flower pots. However, my budget says I need to keep it simple. Until I learned how to add color to flower pots using Pelletier Craft Studio stencils and chalk. With Pelletier Craft Studio products, I can make them look the way I want with quotes, designs, part of the way around or all the way around the pots. Making my pots coordinate is easy when I can use the same stencils and chalk paste over and over.

Here are a few tips you are going to want to keep in mind.

  • Any Pelletier Craft Studio stencils will work. Notice I have sayings and flower designs. Background stencils are also a great alternative.
  • You do want your flower pots to be smooth. Flower pots with bumpy design are difficult to stencil and often distort the design.
  • Ceramic with a glaze finish is my favorite. However, terracotta pots are less expensive and work just well. You can even paint them first to change the color.
  • You will be working with your flower pots on their sides. Be sure to block each side to prevent them from rolling while creating your design.
  • Using the Pelletier Craft Studio chalk paste, you will see it is easy to color stencils that are just outlines. For example: the Wildflower stencils used above is on both flower pots on the left. One is just the stencil, while the other is the same stencil only I have painted inside the lines. Easy peasy.
  • Some stencils, like the Sunflower, offer you an additional stencil to color the inside of the design. You are going to love creating a collage of pots and signs to brighten up any area inside or outside your home. (See figure 2 below)
  • To be sure your flower pot stays beautiful year round, be sure to spray the outside with a matte finish sealant.

Worried about making these on your own? We are holding a class just for all our chalking friends to learn more about how to chalk on different products. Here is our face to face class, which includes the flower pots and all products needed.

Saturday February 4th at 10 am

Marriott Raleigh/Durham
Research Triangle Park
4700 Guardian Dr
Durham, NC 27703

Ballroom meeting area.

$35. includes 6″ ceramic flower pot and all supples.

This class is being held during our February Beach Retreat. Please email me for available space.

Enjoy the Crafts You Make Yourself.


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