How Crafting Can Change Your Life

How can crafting change your life? I am willing to bet you think I am a little on the crazy side right now. That’s okay! In a life that has been filled with pain and the loss of my complete family, learning how to be happy was important. Moving through the loss of my baby, brother and grandmother in less than a year, I felt a dark cloud move over me that no one else could see. Finding myself, learning to smile, rebuilding my life was going to take so doing. Through crafting, I found a happy place, a group of friends that shared the same common interest, but more importantly, I found self confidence.

My story: Finding my happy place

One day, after sitting most of the day doing what I thought I wanted to do, I came to realize I was lonely, and not very happy. I realized I wanted to be with other people enjoying something fun. About a week later, I started looking for something I could do rain or shine, hot or cold and would enjoy doing it alone as well as with friends. I wanted to find my happy place. A place that I could be content no matter who was around.

It took me about a month before I came across paper crafting. I went to a friend’s house for a card class. Reluctantly, I might add. By the end of the evening, I knew what crafting could do for me. After learning that these ladies do so much more than just sit around and play with paper and ink, I learn that it was exciting, fun and easy to do. I wanted to create this kind of relationship with others, but more to the point, I was loving the results of the cards I created.

How it all started

I spent a $100 on a few basic supplies. A stamp or 2, an ink pad, a block, and some embellishments. Then I went home and raided the children’s craft paper and watercolor pencils. After about an hour I knew they would enjoy years of paper crafting with mom. My first card was for my mother’s birthday. I always loved the Barbie clothes she made for me so why not make something for her. It was when I saw her look at the back of the card that the pride set in. Mostly because she realized that the card was not bought from a store, but was created with love. From that day forward, crafting changed my life.

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How I grew through crafting?

I became a confident woman when I learn that crafting was something more than just paper and ink. As I learn more about my happy place, a new sense of pride and accomplishment grew with every card and project completed. With that, grew a community of women that supported each other in all aspects of life. Every month I looked forward to spending time with crafting friends for crops, classes and even creative lunches. My life changed as creating helped me accept change and even looked for it to improve the very part of who I was becoming.

Crafting through the worse days of my life

Crafting continued to change my life, when in March of 2005, I received a phone call telling me my mom and dad had been murdered in their home. As I went through the shock and every stage of grief (some 2 and 3 times) it was drawing, coloring and painting that helped me through the pain. I could see the spiritual side of me over take my anger. Looking back, I can see the colors change from blacks and browns to blues. It was that same community of ladies that held me up when I could not do it on my own. Crafting had changed everything around me and had made me stronger because I could now express all those feelings.

In this picture is a best friend, Linda. She was my rock and made me a better woman with her love of crafting.

Where can you find this kind of life changing crafting experience?

Pelletier Craft Studio offers these experiences every month at our classes, crops, online events and FB home page. Some of the wonderful ladies that craft with me have overcome depression, being withdrawn, and are now moving through life with a different sense of self worth. It all starts with ink, paper and accepting yourself. Accepting the good and short comings in your life. Come craft with us. Learn what changes crafting can make to your life.

It was the love of crafting that brought my business partner, best friend, and chosen sister, Cindy Lubbe to my life. We have walked the street of life together with our husbands, to build a community that welcomes crafters new crafters everyday.

If this blog has touched you, be sure to comment. Tell me what crafting brings to your life. I look forward to hearing your story.

Happy Scrappin’ and Yappin’

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