My Chalking Story

I have always loved crafting, playing with different media, paints, and chalks. One day, I found a chalk you could rub with your hand and it would not come off. I was very intrigued and wanted to learn how to make this crazy chalk. So I started breaking it up into fine pieces. Even brought home a few pieces from the schools chalk tray. However, no matter what I added to the chalk, it would not stay on the chalkboard when I rubbed my hand across it.

About two years ago, I came across another chalk that would dry on a chalkboard. Only this time I was armed with a better understanding of what would work. Who knew nursing school would include chemistry? From time to time, I would play with a few mixtures, some were too thick, others would dry out over night. Finally, I hit the right formula! Now I needed to find a way to add color that would be consistent. Well, there went the formula!!

In February of 2022, I was able to pull it all together. Well me being me, I wanted to create my own silk screen stencils to use with my chalk paste. That part was a little easier. Pelletier Craft Studio is the result of my playing with chalk and learning to make silk screen stencils. My designs are my own, and we will not talk about how many of these I have tossed because it did not meet my standards.

My silk screens are reusable. My chalk paste will dry hard, but can still be removed with water a little scraping. You can use this chalk paste on several surfaces such as chalkboard, glass, ceramic, acetate, wood and more.

I am proud of these little jars of fun, and look forward to sharing them with you.

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