Creating Mats for scrapbook photos

Elevate Your Scrapbook Pages with Creative Matting TechniquesMatting pictures adds a touch of elegance and professionalism to your scrapbook pages drawing attention to your cherished photos and memorabilia. But why settle for plain rectangles when you can unleash your creativity with a variety of die-cutting techniques? Let’s explore some fun and unique ways to elevate …

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How Crafting Can Change Your Life

How can crafting change your life? I am willing to bet you think I am a little on the crazy side right now. That’s okay! In a life that has been filled with pain and the loss of my complete family, learning how to be happy was important. Moving through the loss of my baby, …

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All Foils Are Not Created Equal

hot foil stamping, how to hot foil,

All foils are not created equal, nor will all foils work with just any process. There are several kinds of crafting foils, and to save you money, I am going to help you purchase the right kind for the right foil process. First, let’s look at the different kinds of foils that are available. Most …

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How to use a Hot Foil System

Spellbinder Glimmer Hot Foil System, On Sale hot foil system,

How to use a hot foil system? You are going to be so happy when you see how easy the Glimmer Hot Foil System is to use. Even more so, you are going to love the results. Before we jump to the system, let’s talk about a few safety rules. Yes the rules that everyone …

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