Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Be your own kind of beautiful is the perfect stencil to create for your spring projects. Are you aware that I took this stencil and added it to my SPRING porch sign? You can use one stencil to create all these projects.

One stencil is used in 3 different ways.The best part is you only need to purchase the stencil once. That’s because our stencils will allow you to use them over and over. The key is to put them in water immediately after you paste with them. You can clean them later, within the next hour or so.

Also notice that I am using 3 different surfaces; wood, chalkboard, and chipboard. You will love that all of these surfaces work great with our chalk paste. Remember, if you are going to put these signs outside, spray them with a sealant.

Now is a good time to order Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful. Why? Because it comes with 2 different color 1-ounce jars of chalk. You are going to be so excited.

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