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Stamp ‘n Storage has some fantastic storage solutions for your craft room. Some products are designed specifically for a manufacturer’s product dimensions. There are IKEA solutions as well! Click on this link to find out more!

Which Stamp-n-Storage Drawer Cabinet is Right for Me?

06 09 2023 – by Stamp-n-Storage

Did you know the Stamp-n-Storage Drawer Cabinet is one of our most versatile products? With multiple configurations you can customize the Drawers to organize the craft supplies in your creative space. Regardless if you are a scrapbooker, card-maker, mixed-media artist, or a paper crafter who does it all, the Drawer Cabinet can help you organize your crafts so you can spend more time unleashing your creativity.

What makes the Stamp-n-Storage Drawer Cabinet different from other storage drawers like the Alex Drawer or standard cabinet drawers, is the height, width, and depth of each drawer. Every drawer is designed with paper crafters in mind. Every drawer configuration has a specific purpose that fits the needs of crafters. You will be able to maximize your space, while keeping supplies neatly organized and easily accessible. Having the proper drawer size also helps you avoid creating that miscellaneous drawer you have to dig through to find the right supplies.

If choosing the right Drawer Cabinet seems like a daunting task, we are here to help!

First, take an inventory of the supplies you plan to organize in a drawer. If card-making is your jam, these items might include refill bottles, Nuvo® Crystal Drops, Pops of Color, tools, brushes, wood-mount stamps, mini ink cubes, paper, embellishments, and more.

If Scrapbooking is your thing, you might be looking to organize tools, scissors, border embellishments, photos, paper, stickers, adhesives, and pens.

Here’s a handy Craft Inventory Chart (pdf) you can print and use to help take inventory of your supplies. Create your list and be sure to include important information like quantities and dimensions. For example, 50 refill bottles, 12×5″ stickers, 25 mini ink cubes, etc.

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