Advantages of Crafting on Chalkboards

This morning I had breakfast with my best friend Cindy. As I was eating my eggs and sausage, she said something I have failed to let other friends know about. She mentioned the advantages of crafting on chalkboards.

  1. Why would you want to chalk on a chalkboard?

Even though I have tons of chalkboards, wood boards, and even picture frames around my craft room, I do not want a million in my home. Who wants to dust all those pieces? Solution: Create crafts on chalkboards.

  • You can create using your stencils, erase to make a change(s), and create on the same chalkboard again.
  • Saves you money. $$$
  • Saves you time when you are ready to craft something new for your home.
  • Keeps your friends guessing how you change your decor so often on a budget.
  • Allows you to add things you craft to your home.

2. Why craft on Chalkboards?

  • They are easy to use.
  • You can frame them.
  • Hang them with a ribbon or with a cord.
  • Chalkboards are very light, therefore, you do not need to use a heavy, big nail to put into the wall.
  • They match every decor!

3. Why use chalk paste instead of paint?

  • Chalk paste will not rub off when the grandchildren rub the front of the chalkboard. It will take more than their little fingers to get the chalk off.
  • Chalk paste is removable with a little water and a plastic scraper.
  • It is safe. You can create projects with your grandchildren. Show off their talent in any room of the house!
  • You will love how easy it is to use.

Take a look at the below video which demonstrates how to erase chalk paste off of any surface. Be sure to subscribe! You will to want to see more!

oops! I forgot to use the plastic scrapper. It was so easy!

How would you like to have a stencil come to you each month? Being a part of the Monthly Creative Membership will give you an exclusive stencil and paste to make a project. Of course, you can put it on any surface that interests you, but I would like to suggest using the Chalkboard with the white washed frame.

If one month’s stencil is not your cup of tea, simply email me and let me know which stencil you would like in its place. It is that easy! Register today!

This limit silk screen stencil will be available until OCT 4, 2022.

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