A great gift for Dad

A great gift for Dad can be tough. Even as the mother of 2 boys, gifts for men has always been a tough area for me. That is until I learned this secret that applies to almost every man I know. They are not as complex as we want to believe. It’s sorta like gifting a child an expensive gift and then they play with the box. Yep, men are the big babies in our life. So let’s break down. What do men want?

This cute picture is a great Father’s Day gift, but what about a gift he will keep for a lifetime? When the boys were small they always picked out those cute gifts for Dad. You know, the cute Teddy Bear that will sing and dance, or the pillow that says “World Greatest Dad!”. Years later, when I look around my husband’s office, workshop or man cave, it is these gifts that I see sitting around. I decided to go straight to the horses mouth and ask the one important question. What kind of gifts do you like? Ugh! reply, “anything is okay.” So that was a bad idea.

A great gift for Dad!

Okay let’s start over. What is a great gift for Dad? Looking around several of my friend’s husband’s office or personal space, I am seeing they like things that boost them.

  • Pictures of their family. That includes them in the picture. Next time you are all out to dinner, ask someone to take a picture. Have one of the kid’s friends take a pile on picture. You know one where everyone piles on dad while he is in his favorite chair. Take individual picture. While dad is grilling, have one of the kids hung him while you take a picture. On a different day, get mom and dad kissing. Save these pictures for those occasions when you want a great gift for dad.
  • Tell him he is awesome. Everyone loves hearing how great they are, that includes dads. Since we are looking at gifts for anytime not just Father’s Day; we are going to suggest gift that are made for anytime of the year. Sayings like:
    • If Dad can’t fix it; No one can
    • Any man can be a dad, but it takes a special man to be a Dad
    • The greatest gift I ever got came from God. I call him Dad. (perfect with a picture)
    • A dad is a son’s first hero, and a daughter’s first love.
  • Make it personal. Men love gifts that someone took the time to think about. My husband loves working with wood. This is his all time favorite gift. The head of this hammer has never touched a nail.
  • Let him know he lights up your life.

Shopping for men is easy, once we realize they are just like us. They like things that make them feel special. You got this! Now let’s go craft him a special gift.

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